The legacy of passion

The sensation of the sea, it could be the most captivating way of perception. The sea can be gentle and mild but also deep and thrilling. It can open routes. It can open hearts and it has the power to shape the course of a story. Like most pioneers, Ruggiero Di Luggo’s vision started with a spark: turning his passion for the sea into a breathtaking lifestyle. That’s how Fiart was born. Since the very beginning, we have specialized in the manufacturing of motorboats that set themselves apart for the extraordinary detailing and the unrivalled space optimization. Today, we’ve been carrying on our founder’s visionary spirit onto the routes of the present, so that true sea lovers can be free to unleash their emotions. We want them to enjoy life to the fullest.



Here the little Conchita, a cute ‘plastic shell’ that revolutionized the shipbuilding world by creating a whole new way of yachting. The Italian actor Franco Interlenghi featured by Oggi.


Super Conchita

Conchita goes bigger: since the very beginning Fiart sets itself apart for the unrivalled space optimization.


Fiera Genova

That’s the 7th Genoa Yachting Show - Fiart is the sole shipyard to join the venue since its first edition.


Sea Star

The North Star of Yachting – An incredible success by Fiart.



Fiart triumphs in the ports of Campania.


Dafne L

Giancarlo, Fabrizio, Antonella and Maria Elodia test every new Fiart model. They are true sea lovers. They are the Di Luggo family.


Venus 25

An absolute Fiart best seller.


Helios 45

Fiart extends its commercial network and comes to the United Arab Emirates.



Fiart and BMW join forces to create one of the most successful motor-yacht models.


Valiant Offshore

Best Hull Award at the Offshore World Championship 1983. A proven unsinkable hull, tested for navigation over six miles, featuring a self-draining cockpit and a wide range of standard accessories.


Fiart 35

With its amazing innovative solutions, Fiart 35 discloses the future Fiart range by introducing Genius.


Fiart 27

The ancestor of two distinct successful lines, the 27'Cabin and the 28 'Cabin – it’s the first boat sized under 9 meters featuring optimized outdoors.


Pavarotti visita Fiart

Pavarotti visiting the Fiart stand during the Genoa Yacht Show (featuring the Thunder) – Our motor-yachts have always impressed anyone, including celebrities.


Fiart 40

With more than 100 units built, this is one of the most successful models of its range. It introduced Fiart to the French market.



On 2 September 2001, the founder of Fiart Mare Ruggiero Di Luggo is named “Cavaliere del Lavoro” by the President of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.


Fiart 38 Genius

In 2006, the OMN and the “Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata” award Fiart with the Nautical Marketing prize for the best product launch.


Fiart 4seven Genius

In 2009, the ONM and the “Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata” award Fiart with its 2nd Nautical Marketing prize for the best product launch. This model triumphs as the Best Motor-Yacht of the Year in a contest featuring over 500 new models from 30 to 70 feets.


Fiart 44 Genius

The same 4Seven design with reduced dimensions and a new exclusive top.


Epica 58

Fiart celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new legendary range.


Fiart 33 Seawalker

The first Seawalker is born. - Fiart discloses a new walkaround line.


Fiart 52

It gives a new subversive edge to the classic Fiart design.


Cetera 60’

The first Multispace Yacht by Fiart.


Fiart 43 Seawalker

The ancestor of a whole new range, designed to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest without compromising on comfort inside.