People are Fiart's most valuable asset. We are passionate about our work and always ready to accept new challenges, because we know that great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying and learning. We are all part of the company's success. We never compromise on quality. All our products are made with resin infusion technology for strength, lightness and durability. We want our clients to focus on their emotions and enjoy their escapes to the fullest.


We want that true sea lovers enjoy the sea as we do.

The sea is a wilderness of waves that seduces, intrigues, and mesmerizes. It’s the beauty of letting your feelings take hold. It’s the magic of pushing yourself where there are no borders and horizons. The overwhelming sensation of getting carried away beyond imagination, living each single moment to the fullest. It’s the inexplicable power of emotions.


Passion ignites the soul of our boats. Today as it did 60 years ago.

It leads our hands, turning magic into art. The art of taking care of every small detail. The beauty of sparking the most intense sensations. All this and much more comes from the sea: our endless source of inspiration.